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Twice Sworn and History

I’m reworking some chapters right now where I go into some of the backstory of the immortals in my book. Since my book is an Urban Fantasy and is set in the modern day, the history of our world comes into play a lot. I pull from mythology and history a lot – it probably makes the book more relate-able because people know who Julius Caesar was and know characters from Greek Mythology. I do put some lesser known stuff in there too (like the immortals themselves are called the Asura, and the history of that name is probably not known by many).

In reworking these chapters, I’m changing something about the immortals completely. In my first draft, I had them being something like emotional vampires, each one feeding off of specific emotions, and I wanted to take that out completely. I just didn’t buy it and if I didn’t buy, my readers wouldn’t either. But in taking that out, I had to figure out a way to explain their power structure that made sense. I’ve figured that much out already. But I had a section where I really love this one character, but her involvement in my story was entirely surrounding relating backstory related to their power gains. So I had to figure out a new backstory with that.

And I’ve figured it out. I just wrote this line:

Perhaps that sense of peace we once had was our Garden of Eden and settling with humans was the Tree of Knowledge.

I’m mixing history and things people are really familiar with and discovering I’m giving an alternate explanation for it based upon the mythology I’m creating for my own world. I’m honestly a little shocked I was able to do this and it just came to me. Some of my favorite writers DO JUST THAT. So I’m really excited about this and letting others read it.

I’m 2/3 of the way through my final edit/rewrite and have one beta reader giving me feedback on earlier chapters that I’m finding extremely helpful. I have momentum right now and excitement for my story. I can’t wait to get this thing done and start querying it. I know I’ll probably get rejected a lot and I’m bracing myself for that, but at the same time, I’m really excited to get to that point!


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