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Beta Readers Wanted

I’m nearing completion of my final solo edit. I’m also working through an edit from a beta reader and finding the process is extremely helpful. I don’t make every change they suggest, but having new eyes on it catches things I maybe hadn’t thought of before, and that’s great!

So I need one or two more beta readers before I’ll feel comfortable sending it off to publishers for query. What I look for in my beta readers is knowledge of the Urban Fantasy genre and willingness to give candid feedback. What I mean by that is I want to know if something is just not working for you. If you want to give me line edits too, that’s a bonus, but I just really want people to read the book and tell me where it fails for them (if it does, hopefully it doesn’t!) My other beta reader is great about line edits, so that’s not as important to me. I am willing to do quid pro quo as well – if you have a book in a genre I read (fantasy of any type really, some mystery), I’m willing to beta read for you as well.

Anyone interested?

Plus, I needed a reason to post that picture. Isn’t that the cutest?!