Dark Shadows, a new movie with Johnny Depp, looks freaking amazing!

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Tell me you don’t want to see that movie right this second? I know I do!

I’ve been reading Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead. It’s been on my ‘currently reading’ list for about two weeks. I LOVE Richelle Mead. I can’t express how much her YA series (and the expansion of that series) and her Succubus series blew me away. I also remember eating through the first three books of this series. But for some reason, I’ve had a really hard time pushing myself to finish Shadow Heir. I want to finish it, not to find out what’s going to happen with the main character, but instead, to be able to start the next book on my list, which will either be Fair Game by Patricia Briggs or A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison. I’m not sure why that is. When I finally finish, I’ll post up a review and see if I can’t pinpoint how this book lost me.

As for my book, TWICE SWORN, I’ve been slowly but steadily working on it. I am writing new chapters, since I decided to completely change the ending. I’ve had to work each chapter out on my whiteboard before I’ve been able to write it. I want to make sure everything makes sense before I put it down this time, and hopefully this will be the last full rewrite I do. I hope to start my full edits and submit queries to my first choices agents within a month. Cross your fingers for me!