So today, I’ve mapped out the new ending for my book and I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be great!

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I have my kids home so it’s hard to stay focused on writing. Thanks spring break! So I’m spending more time on Twitter and Facebook than I should. I saw the following tweet as a result:

Deborah Nemeth ‏ @DebNemeth When an editor reads a sub with a cliched opening, it makes us think the rest of the ms won’t be terribly original either.

So I’m thinking about changing my book again. I’ve been told before that my story starts out too cliche’d. My character is woken up. Now the first chapter is full of what I think of as useful information and good tension. However, I do start it out with a cliche, and that bothers me more than I’d like it to.

This is one of those cases where I’m so married to the writing, I don’t want to break up with it. I love my first chapter and I’ve worked and worked and re-worked it so many times, I feel it shines!

At the same time, I realized I could lose the first chapter altogether and have to do very little to the rest of my book for it to make sense. My book can start out with chapter 2.

My dilemma is that chapter 2 is a bit on the slow side. Chapter 1 has some tension in it.

Maybe I’ll just try to figure out another way to start the chapter other than her being woken up. I certainly don’t want editors and agents to simply look past me simply because I start out the book with a cliche. :(