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ChimaeraCon 2012!

I spent the weekend at a gaming and anime conference called ChimaeraCon. It’s a small conference here in San Antonio. It was my first year and I decided to volunteer, since I thought that would be the best way to get to know locals. And I did! It was great fun.

I spent Friday night as the Special Guest Liaison and got to know the three special guests from the Con. Karen Brittany is a local artist who specializes in illustrations of the mythical variety. Her work was gorgeous. Matt Frank is a comic artist who works on some video games and board/card games, but is most well known for his artwork in the Godzilla comic books. Hoshizora Aona is a published author who has a young adult modern fantasy called Gestalt. All three of these people were fantastic to get to know.

Hoshizora, Matt and Karen

I also spent some time gaming throughout the weekend and learned a few new games. I try to play games I’ve never played before at these conventions. I’m very partial to Steve Jackson games and met the MIB (the volunteer who runs Steve Jackson games in various areas) for San Antonio and he’s a great guy! I played a game called Frag on Friday and won a copy of the game. My kids love it. On Saturday, I played Blood Bowl (which was OK but not my type of game) and Fluxx. We played Pirate Fluxx and I was too self-conscious to talk like a Pirate, but I’ll work on that and be ready next time! I liked Fluxx so much, I got a copy of Zombie Fluxx to bring home and my kids REALLY love that game! I also played Zombie Dice and Zombie Munchkin. I’ve played Munchkin before and own a copy of Cthulhu Munchkin, but the Zombie version was fantastic! And yes, I really like games with Zombie in the title.

Steve Jackson's MIB Al Griego playing Munchkin

Unfortunately, since I spent the whole weekend at the Con, I did no writing. I plan to remedy that this week and FINISH  my book this week! That’s right, I said FINISH. And now that I’ve said it, I have to do it. I’ll still have to do a couple of edits once this last rewrite is done, but once my new ending is done, that’s all that’s left – polish. So wish me luck. 🙂


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